The many demands of the present lifestyles make us not to be eating at our homes only but eat at the many restaurants, and many other places that offer catering services. It is normal given that technology has brought so many changes in our culture. We cannot avoid eating,as human beings we must eat. If it were possible human beings could demand food at any moment. When you pass near a restaurant you just start salivating. Food is a basic need we demand it anywhere we go. Given the civilized life we are leading, people demand quality food whenever they go.

The kind of foods that we demand in hotels and restaurants must be cooked in a certain way. For sure civilization has placed us in changes that were not there before. We must eat foods of value. We go to any extends to demand quality foods. we use our pockets to eat what is reasonable or rather according to the standards. Science and technology have brought so many changes that we accept as time goes by. We can no longer live like before. The trend is all over the world. People, even now are used to street food. There are places where street food is the order of the day. Of course, the food has to be delicious.


Eating will never cease as long as we live and eating well or rather properly is the in thing. There are those who depend on normal family services but the trend is fast changing. Some people are even taking their families to restaurants from breakfast to supper. The trend is getting or rather becoming normal. No one wants to be left behind. It is your pocket that will ensure that you eat well and sleep well. Technology has made our lives comfortable, so we are according to research becoming softer or rather lazier to cook for ourselves. We depend on our pockets.It is the main thing. Restaurants, on the other hand, are competing to cook as many delicacies as possible.

The idea of having services of as many delicacies as possible is becoming normal. Going by this extend most persons especially men will always depend on hotels and restaurants. It is normal that the kitchen is normally reserved for women but there are men who are so good at cooking that some women even feel nervous in their presence.  However, the many men who do not know or rather do not even bother to practice, they depend on restaurants.  restaurants are here to try as long as eating is there. In fact, it must be accepted that most persons who want to start businesses opt for hotels and restaurants