In the modern century, bikes have become a feasible option for commuting especially in Denmark. Most Danes not only use bicycles for road racing or mountain riding, but also as a mean of transport. Therefore, bikes have been developed with different models depending on the need of the cyclist. Major designs include classic, beach cruiser, city cruiser, cargo bikes, Christiana bikes and many others.

Cycling in the city is a cool and unique mobility. It is a way of life to many Danes. The Danish bicycles, besides most of them having stylish designs, have also been modeled with functionality in mind. Check them out below.

Types of Danish bicycles

There are different types of bikes found in Denmark city. They include.

  • Beach Cruiser. Beach Cruiser is a cool bike which is stylish and has better additional features. It has wide tires, super soft leather seat and its frame is curved. It also got a discreet and simple design with no bell or whistle. Its frame is formed with CR-MO tube which is lightweight but considerably The chain protector is aesthetic and the handlebars are protected by leather to make the grip comfortable to the cyclist.
  • City cruisers bikes. Want a luxury bike? City cruisers are great. They are designed in mind that they should be comfortable and aesthetic as classic sports cars. Because of this reason, they are built with same materials as those of such vehicles. They are also equipped with 3 or 7 gears and also afoot brake. Their frames are straight and unlike those luxury cars, the bike is simple and discreet.
  • Christiana bikes. Christiana bikes were designed in the 1970s and surprisingly, they are still popular even today. Many people choose them as their means of transport in their various destinations. On the front, they have a trailer which is designed for transporting kid, goods, posts and even parcels. They are popularly used by Danes across all the cities.
  • Pedersen bikes. These bikes have unique creation and design. They have been developed with a variety of stylish designs to suit the admiration of the cyclist. They have high shaft frames and their bed style seats absorb pumps and improve comfortability to the user.
  • Cargo bikes. Cargo bikes are workhorses that you don’t need to feed. They have a cart which helps you to transport a lot of goods. They exist as any bike, tricycle or a four-wheeler powered by pedals to carry loads whether small or large. Some of these bikes are also electric and help you load a variety of things even your kids.

Benefits of Danish bikes

Using bicycles for commuting is beneficial. Some people may overlook bikes when moving around the cities but you will be surprised how much they save your budget.

  • The cheap mean of transport. Bikes are cheap to use and maintain. You don’t need to use gasoline as opposed to cars. They, therefore, save a lot of money since they are free.
  • Faster and efficient. Bicycling can be faster and convenient than using a car. Due to adverse city designs of inclusion of bike lanes, the bikes will commute freely and fast away from gridlocked traffic.
  • Environment-friendly. Bikes do not pollute the environment during their operations. They do not produce poisonous fumes in the air and they are less noisy than vehicles. Therefore, they are toxic free automobiles.
  • Saves road wear. Bikes are lightweight, far much more than vehicles. They have no capability to cause road potholes. Therefore, they save taxpayers money used in road resurfacing.

Clearly, bikes are a good option for transport. Various designs exist and you will have to choose depending on your choice. They have proven to be advantageous being cheap and friendly to maintain. Therefore, try them in your daily commuting and you will be surprised how they are effective.