In restaurants, the food items will be prepared by the chef who will have more years of experience in the cooking profession. Yes, then only, the restaurants can provide taste food items to their customers. Well, there are many famous chefs available around the world and KanidaChey is one among the chef who has 15 years of experience in cooking. He is a unique chef who prepares different food items with good taste and texture. Yes, this makes him become the executive chef in the Brtanca restaurant. The Branca restaurant is opened by the famous chef KanidaChey and his childhood friend James in 2014. They followed a unique style of cooking using the live flame. They use the standard and natural ingredients in the food so people are highly visiting their restaurant to taste the foods. Chef Kanida and his friend James put more effort for the development of their restaurant. Yes, that gives them the effective result and now the restaurant is considered as the most romantic restaurant in the Toronto city. Kanida Chey introduced many new styles of cooking and with this, they offered fantastic meals to the people. Thus, to know more about the famous chef and his life history read the article or access the online source.

Life history of KanidaChey

The famous chef KanidaChey has the native of Toronto and he has 15 years of experience in the food industry. He is now currently working as a chef at Branca restaurant which is an Argentinian styled restaurant which is established in 2014 by Kanida and his childhood friend James.

Within two years the Branca restaurant received many awards that are as follows.

  • Most romantic restaurants in Toronto city
  • Top new restaurant in Toronto
  • Toronto’s new restaurant in the west

All of these awards are achieved in 2015 which is a great achievement to KanidaChey and his friend James.

 With this, chef Kanida is a dedicated person who loves to cook different cuisines. Yes, he used a different style of cooking and that gives perfect taste and texture to the food he prepares. In the Branca restaurant, they use live fire to cook all the food items. This is a natural way of cooking which is liked by the people. And so many people visit the Branca restaurant with a wide range to taste their meals with their family and friends.

Chef Kanida holds many positions in flow restaurant and lounge that is as follows.

  • Garde manager
  • Saucier
  • Entremetier
  • Grillardin
  • Poissonnier
  • Sous chef
  • Junior sous chef

With this he started his career in the dining industry and made many new inventions. The chef Kandia worked in a different variety of fine dining creation in Toronto.

He spent his whole life in preparing tasty food items for the people who visit the Branca restaurant. Well, this made him receive many awards and gives a name as a famous chef in Toronto city. They provide their service through online and that makes people book their table easily through online.